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Casio CBMS Software Solutions

Casio Business Management Solution

Casio Business Management Solution (CBMS) is a back office solution that is designed and flexible enough to benefit both Hospitality (Pubs/Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee shop, Hotels) and Retail (Convenience Stores, Off Licences, Newsagents) businesses alike. The solution is a sales and program management system enabling complete control of your stock and profit.

The software connects to the Casio QT-6 series and touch screen terminals via either a direct TCP-IP hub link or by broadband communications. Sales can be collected from the pos terminal either manually or automatically and all product and touch keyboard maintenance is carried out from the CBMS System. Comprehensive, yet simple to use, the software incorporates stock control, profit analysis, complete maintenance of the point of sale terminal, product ordering and historical sales reporting.

Casio Business Management Solution

Key features include: 

  • Full product database with simple addition and amending of product details
  • Simple and logical purchase order processing
  • Comprehensive stocktaking showing true item profit
  • Daily cashing up sheet
  • Comprehensive keyboard layout program allowing for different button sizes, shapes, images and colours
  • Easy drag and drop facility for adding new products and functions to the keyboard.

Solution Options:

Various software packages featuring versatile programming and stock control are available to provide further support for daily operations and to suit variety types of businesses

The various flexible options include:

  • CBMS Lite Single - Sales and profit control for the single store
  • CBMS Lite Multi - Sales and Profit control for the multi-store
  • CBMS Full Single - Sales, purchase and stock control for the single Store
  • CBMS Full Multi - Sales, purchase and stock control for the multi Store
  • CBMS Multi-user - Add on option for multiple users

Key Benefits of CBMS for Retail:

  • Shelf edge label printing
  • Product labels automatically generated following a purchase
  • Mix and match promotion control
  • 'Not found' items automatically identified
  • Control for price encoded bar codes
  • Exports exportable to PDF, Excel and other formats
  • FTP to enable information to be sent automatically to a remote destination

Key Benefits of CBMS for Hospitality:

  • Clerk security control
  • Independent scheduler for sales collection and product updates
  • Ex-reporting for on going sales progress
  • Electronic journal collect and storage
  • Exports exportable to PDF, Excel and other formats
  • End of day cashing up procedure

Ftp to enable information to be sent automatically to a remote PC destination.

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